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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I cannot find the website creation link at Clubs Online

If you register with Clubs Online as a club admin, apply for a free website and the Portal Password does not appear, one of two things will have happened:

(1) You have not yet created a new club or added an existing club to your admin profile. You won't be recognised as an 'Admin' until you have a club to administer over.

Or ...

(2) You have added a club but that club has already been attached to a different admin account. This is to prevent anyone else setting up an admin account and gaining access to edit your details.

So ...

If you lose your admin login details do NOT create a new admin account. You'll need to contact DSR directly. Send a support request to Crispin via these email links at the ClubsOnline website.

2. Create clickable thumbnail images that open to larger ones

There are 2 ways ...

1. Use the Gallery Addon.
Create a new folder from within the file-manager to hold all your images and then upload them. Then open up a page to edit and choose Gallery from the Add-on drop down list. A new link will appear called Configure Gallery. Click it to choose the folder and thumbnail layout then Save the changes. Live Gallery example.

2. Link Images Manually.
This takes more work but offers more flexibility.

  1. Open a page to edit. Click the image uploader icon and choose an image (browse server). Click the OK button to insert it. Now click on the actual image itself. Drag one of the corners until the image is the thumbnail size you want.
  2. Click on the image again. Now click on the Link icon. Click on Browse Server and find the same image file again. Select it and click OK. Save the page and test by clicking on the image. Optionally, the link can be made to open up in a new window by choosing New Window (_blank) under the Target tab in the link editor.

Note: These methods load the full size images into the web page (even though they appear smaller) which adds to page loading time.

If you have many images you can speed this up by preparing a smaller thumbnail image (approx 100px x 100px) as well as the full size one and uploading both. Put the small one into the page and link it to the bigger one. That way a full size image only loads when it's thumbnail is clicked.

3. I can't type or paste any text into the Page Editor

Sometimes the Page Editor remains blank and won't allow typing or editing.

Unfortunately, the ComfyPage system is poorly supported by early versions of Internet Explorer. It works best in Firefox and almost as well in Chrome. Switch browsers and see if that helps. Note that the editor is powered by Javascript which works differently in the various browsers.

If not, try these troubleshooting tips ...

  1. Check your browser settings and make sure Javascipt is enabled.
  2. Upgrade the browser to a newer version if available which might help.
  3. Try later. DSR's server frequently drops out.
  4. Deselect any addons you have on the page and Save. There may be a Javascript conflict.
  5. If nothing else helps contact DSR.

4. Can I have multiple subfolders for the Photo Gallery Addon?

No. you can only have one Gallery Addon per website. To create multiple slideshows you will need to use another service. Check out some of these options:

Basically you will need to upload the photos to one of these services. Configure the slideshow how you want. Then get the embed code and paste it into your own web page.

In edit page mode click on the Source button, paste in the code and then click Source again. This allows you to position the slideshow where you want. However, sometimes this interferes with the code, breaking the functionality. If that happens click on Advanced Settings below the editing box and paste it in there.

5. Is it possible to create drop down menus for sub pages?

Menus that popup when you click on a link is not natively supported by ComfyPage. Everything is just 1 level deep. Work arounds are possible but they require advanced coding to achieve.

Popup menus are not supported

If you have a big site, an alternative is to create a main topic page with links to other pages. An example of this is our library. Set up the links to go to the sub pages.

As an admin you'll manage all the pages in a single place. But to visitors it looks like the site has a logical, heirachical structure.

6. Why do the left and right borders change size?

Sometimes the borders appear to change size on different pages like in the image below.

Changing border sizes

Link Sizes / Page Titles

In this example, the link for Calendar & Programs is too long for the sidebar width that was set. The link is collapsing on the word breaks when content from the Home page is pushing against the sidebar. The trick is to edit the page and rewrite the Page Title as follows:

Calendar & Programs

  is code for Non Breaking Space. Once you save the page you can't see non breaking spaces but they will still be there. They'll stop the link from splitting onto a new line.

Alternatively, you could simply set the margin width wider to fit the length of the whole link.

Or, if you actually want  the link to collapse on every page rewrite the title like this:

Calendar &<br>Programs

The <br> forces a break.

Page Content Size

As stated, problems arise when the width of links in the sidebar are longer than the width set for the sidebar. If there is little or no content in the main area then the links have all the space they need to stretch out and the sidebar becomes wide.

If there is more content (like a big image or video), it pushes against the sidebar. The links collapse on the word breaks and the sidebar becomes smaller. This is normal behaviour for tables which is how ComfyPage pages are structured.

So the choices are ...

  1. Choose shorter page titles(links) or make the sidebar wider to stop them shifting about.
  2. Reduce the width of any images, videos, tables etc on the offending page(s).

See also Site Structure.

Question 7

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