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About ComfyPage

Welcome to the ComfyPage resource centre. Here you'll find assistance with creating and maintaining your ComfyPage website.

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ComfyPage is a simple Content Management System (CMS) for websites that requires minimal computer savvy to use. Anyone who is averagely proficient with Microsoft Word can quickly learn this system.

Getting Started

If you're new to ComfyPage or want to get going ASAP then begin with the Quick Start Guide. You can also download the PDF Guide which contains some information from General Topics and Building a Site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many common questions are answered in the FAQ's. This is where we post solutions to support questions. You can quickly find out how others have solved challenges similar to your own.


If you can't find the knowhow to build your website in the FAQ's or elsewhere in the library please email us via the contact page. For everything else such as,

  • Deleting a website
  • Getting lost login details for old websites
  • Deregistering your club

Please email or phone Crispin Roberts directly at Department of Sport & Rec.

Site Manager

The Site Manager is the central area for site administration. It lists your pages, allows you to add and delete pages and provides links to other administration tools.

Editing Pages

To learn about the tools used to edit pages on your site please read about the Page Editor.

Editing the Borders

Some changes that you make affect the whole site. The header, footer and left and right margins can be changed with the Site Border Editor.


The colours, fonts and margin widths can be modified with the Site Style Editor.


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