Comfy Page User Guide


Reordering Menus

Your ComfyPage site menu is typically generated by the Page Listing Add-on. By default it produces an alphabetical listing of all of your pages. The following explains how you can manually order your menu.

  1. Add the Page Listing Add-on to a page or to one of the borders of your site. All sites will already have it in one of the borders by default.
  2. Get to the Page Listing Add-on configuration screen by either clicking on 'configure Page Listing add-on' while editing the relevant border or by going to the Site Manager, clicking on add-ons and clicking "configure" next to the page listing add-on.
  3. Set "order pages automatically" to no.
  4. Using the mouse drag pages from the Other Pages box to the Your Menu box. You can also use the mouse to reorder your pages within the Your Menu box.
  5. Click Save.

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