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Free Embedded Services

You ComfyPage site can make use of a wide range of services provided by other  websites.  It's possible to embed videos, forums and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

All you need to do is edit a page of your ComfyPage site and paste the embed code from the service into the Embed Service box.

Insert a...

Video from Youtube

Youtube videos can be displayed on your ComfyPage. Find the video and get the embed code to use in your ComfyPage.

Photo Gallery from FlickSLiDR

Display a photo gallery using FlickrSLiDR. Visit their site, follow their instructions and get the embed code to use in ComfyPage.

Forum from

Nabble is a free forum you can use to give your visitors a place to discuss issues relevant to your site. Create a forum with Nabble to get the embed code.

Chat provides a free chat program you can embed in your ComfyPage site.  Click here to get the embed code

Map from Google Maps

Display a map on your ComfyPage with Google Maps. Find the right map then get the embed code.

There is a help item for removing an embedded map.

Website stat counter. Who's visiting your site?

Stat counters/hit counters have a their own spot in ComfyPage. Get your tracking code form the free services below, then paste it into the Tracking Code textbox on the ComfyPage Account page. Then save your account settings.

Option 1.

A comprehensive service. It tells you who's visiting, where they're from and lots more. It has free and paid levels of service. Click the button below, sign up and get your embed code.

Clicky Web Analytics

Use this Clicky Google gadget to display your stats on your site. Click here to get the gadget embed code for your site.

Option 2.

Use this embedded service to discover how many people visit your site. Who are they? Where are they? Sign up for an account at StatCounter and get the embed code for ComfyPage. Sign up now.

Once you have signed up and got your embed code place the code in the footer of your ComfyPage site using the embed service button.

Translate your ComfyPage into other languages

Google and Yahoo provide automatic translation services. Both are shown here along with the code you need to embed into your ComfyPage, This code works if your original ComfyPage is in English for other languages please go to Google and Yahoo to get your code.


Poll or Quiz provides the ability to embed either a poll or quiz.  Simply configure your poll or quiz and get the embed code.

Display ads on your ComfyPage for fun and PROFIT

Google lets you display ads on your ComfyPage. You get paid when someone clicks on those ads. This is the easiest way to display ads and earn a direct income from your ComfyPage. Go to Google Adsense, create an account and get the embed code.

Other Stuff

Google maintains a whole bunch of objects that can be easily added to your ComfyPaqe site. Show me the Gadgets.

Lab Pixies has a bunch of cool gadgets to embed. Visit lab pixies...

Even more other stuff

Promote your website by letting your visitors submit your ComfyPage to websites like Digg, StumbleUpon, and lots more. Use the code shown below to create the button which, is also shown below.

AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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