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Link To Other Pages

A link is a word or image that you can click on. It takes you to a new page on the internet. This sentence is a link to Clubs Online.

Heres a video on how you create a link.  Detailed instructions are below the video.

To create a link like the one shown above;

  1. Go to the page you want to put the link on.
  2. Type the text you want displayed. E.g. "My link to somewhere"
  3. Highlight the text
  4. Click the add link button 
  5. If the link is to somebody elses website type in the address.
  6. If the link is to a page within your site click on 'Browse Pages' and select a page from the dialog.

  7. Click OK.

Making an image into a link

The process is the same as above. Instead of highlighting the text, select the image and then click the add link button.

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