Comfy Page User Guide


The Site Manager

The Site Manager is the central point for creating and maintaining your site.

How to find it

Click the Site Manager link that appears in the footer of your website. If you are logged in, a toolbar also appears across the top of the screen. In this case you can also click the tool icon (spanner).

The Toolbar

What it does

The site manager displays a list of website pages.The title of each page is shown along with a number of actions that can be performed to it. These are...

  • View - Clicking View will display the page to you as if you were any normal visitor to the site
  • Edit - The Edit action will display the page so it is ready to be edited
  • Delete - This action will delete the page from your site permanently.

If you want to add a new page to your site click on the Add a new page button. For more detail on adding pages see Add Pages.

From the site manager you can also get to...

  • The Site Border Editor which is used to edit the site's margins, header and footer. Read more...
  • The Site Style Editor which is used to change the site's colours and fonts. Read more...

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